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PRPS18 is arranged by Resumé and Lynxeye together with Veckans Affärer. The summit is held in Stockholm on May 23rd, where 150 guests and 17 speakers will share their perspectives.

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The future has never been harder to predict, yet the opportunities are endless for those who are bold enough to embrace and create the change. To do that, companies must understand their purpose, and have the courage to take a stand.

Markets are re-shaped as many companies become challenged from two directions. From one side, innovative challengers create business models and offerings that can change entire industries. From the other, digital giants increasingly consolidate the consumer relationship. At the same time industries slide and converge, which opens for new competition. As a result, many large companies find themselves pushed out of consideration, or even to a new position in the value chain. In these times of change, progress is within reach only for companies who understand their role in the future marketplace.

The Progress with Purpose Summit 2018 – PRPS18 – will empower companies by helping them find, progress and live by, their true purpose. PRPS18 will inspire business leaders to grow their businesses by making them play a more meaningful role in people’s lives as well as in society. The summit will provide business leaders with relevance-building insights and tools. We aim specifically for people that act as changemakers within their organizations, whether they are business leaders, board members, marketing directors or other decision-makers for strategic change. Inspiring speakers from the business world and from academia and professional advisors will give their perspectives on:

— The major movements that will re-shape markets in the future
— Bold purpose-led strategies to address a changing market
— How to run your business and organization with an engaging purpose


Bita Yazdani

Bita Yazdani is a culture strategist who specializes in storytelling and leadership. Bita holds her MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and degree in International Marketing from HEC Paris. She has experience working with global leaders and previously had a senior managing position at the top firm Ernst & Young. Today, Bita supports CEOs to strengthen their entire corporate communication and how it links to branding, culture strategy and storytelling.

Sabinije von Gaffke

Moderator of PRPS18. Sabinije von Gaffke is an experienced and appreciated business and entertainment broadcast journalist, moderator and TV presenter with 15 years experience in Network Television, Web TV, Corporate TV, Print and Radio. She has undertaken assignments in Sweden and abroad for a variety of corporate companies, international organizations, ICT and media events, the Swedish Government, TEDx Talks and the World of Entertainment. Sabinije von Gaffke is a versatile and knowledgeable moderator with experience in a wide range of industries and topics.

Niklas Adalberth

Niklas Adalberth is one of Klarna's three founders and founder of Norrsken Foundation. Norrsken Foundation is a non-religious, non-partisan, non-profit foundation with a high belief in effective altruism. Norrsken Foundation support and invest in both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, whatever they believe makes most sense to have a positive impact on society.

Annika Steiber

Dr. Annika Steiber is the Managing Director at Berkeley Research group and the founder and CEO of A.S. Management Insights, a firm focused on excellence in Corporate Innovation and Management Models for the digital era. In her consultancy work she collaborates with several world- leading academics within the field of Management and with both local and global innovation consultancy firms.

Anders Svensson

CEO of ICA Sweden and DCEO ICA Gruppen AB.

Lin Lerpold

Dr. Lin Lerpold is an Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. She is also Center Director for the Center for Research on Sustainable Markets in the SSE Institute for Research and the Program Director for RAMP 2018. Lin was the founding director of SSE's sustainability center, Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum). Before that, she served as the Associate Dean for SSE MBA programs and has been a Visiting Fellow at the LSE, Center for the Studies of Human Rights and Visiting Professor at INSEAD, Strategy Department. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Lin was ranked as one of the most influential in sustainability Sweden (Aktuell Hållbarhet, Hållbarhetsmäktiga) and in 2017 and 2018 she was named as one of the most influential women in Swedish business in the category Social Change Makers (Veckans Affärer). Before completing her PhD at the Institute of International Business at the SSE, Lin worked 10 years in corporate strategy in the international oil industry.

Hannes Sjöblad

Chief disruption officer, Epicenter Stockholm.

Josefin Landgård

Co-founder and director of growth, KRY. Josefin Landgård is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of KRY. KRY is Sweden's first digital care center and provide doctor and psychology video consultations to patients. KRY has helped over 300 000 patients and are now expanding across Europe. Previously Josefin launched Glossybox in Sweden.

Kristian Elvefors

CEO Volvo Car Sweden.

Hanna Fager

SVP HR Volvo Car Group.

Christopher Engman

CRO and CMO, Climeon.

Hélène Barnekow

Former CEO of Telia Sverige.

Jan Helin

Program Director, Sveriges Television.

Nicholas Sundén-Cullberg

CEO and co-founder of Lendify, the largest marketplace lending platform in Sweden. The company operates a marketplace online credit platform that enables people to borrow money and lend money from each other – without the involvement of banks. By cutting out the middle men and bypassing many of the traditional banking costs Lendify is able to provide great rates for borrowers and attractive returns for investors.

Carol Potter

President & CEO, Edelman Europe & Africa. Recognized as one of the most experienced women in the world of global marketing, brands and communications, Carol Potter joined Edelman in 2015 after nine years spent in China as President CEO of BBDO, now overseeing the Europe region. Having started her career at Saatch & Saatchi in the 80’s, she has spent over 30 years in advertising agencies, working successfully in Australia, Japan, the U.S. and Europe. Carol has helped to market and advertise many of the world’s most famous brands and to advise many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies.

Lotta Onajin

CEO Edelman Deportivo Stockholm.

Johan Ekelin

Co-Founder & Partner, Lynxeye – Brand Management Consultants. Founded Lynxeye in 1999 together with Christian Ihre on the belief that people will reward companies that genuinely drive positive change in their lives as well as in society as a whole. Johan is a true PRPS champion and is passionate about the subject. Lynxeye exists to create progress with purpose, and over the years Johan has built a vast experience of making brands matter across categories and geographies by making them grow behind a meaningful role.

Jessica af Sandeberg

Senior Team Leader, Lynxeye – Brand Management Consultants. Jessica is a true PRPS believer. She has international expertise working across a wide spectrum of categories in creating brands that matter, driving progress with purpose. She is a foresight speaker, helping companies understand their future market, the role they can play in it and how to make that real.

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